Staff Profile


Despite working in different units and departments, they will be found putting heads together to get every task done to meet expectation almost all of the time. The team spirit and cooperation that they exhibit in the course of their work is awesomely admirable.

1. Garos Kure

Qualification-Registered Nurse/ Midwife

Has certification of several Short Courses and trainings in the area of Critical Care, End of life Care and Health Counseling

Past Work Experiences-She worked as Critical Care Nurse in the Intensive Care Units (ICU) of  Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH)  and National Hospital Abuja (NHA), both in Nigeria. She also served as HIV/ AIDS counselor at Faith Alive Foundation Jos Nigeria for many years.

Position holding at CWF-Nursing Lead/ Nurse Counselor

Hobbies-Likes to make friends, going on visitation outings, travelling, being with children. Reading and counseling the sick.

Notable attributes:-A young grandmother! She is very compassionate and caring. Her wealth of experience and willingness to go the extra mile in service has been and continues to be a huge blessing to CWF

2. James Adegbe      

Qualification-B. Ed.  Social Studies

Past Work Experiences                   

Position holding-Administrator/Human Resource Personnel (Head of Admin)

Hobbies: -Cooking, Sporting and Travelling.

Notable attributes:-Yet single, Very intelligent and smart. Able to manage multiple activities at a time requiring little or no supervision yet meets expectations. Has great ability to work independently and also in a team. Highly dutiful while keeping other staff on their toes.  Innovative and available and dependable.  Uses every opportunity to exploits best practices of other organizations to improve work and output at CWF.

3. Solomon Iorshagher Atser 

Qualification-M.Sc Social Work                           

Position holding at CWF – Program Manager

Past Work Experience. Field coordinatorGreen Orchid Pro-life and Human development Initiative, Jos .

Hobbies –Health counseling, Reading, Listening to musics.

Notable attributes:-Married with children. Passionate about quality and ensures same. Versatile in knowledge and loves to be a solution in the face of needs

4. Phoebe Choji Dusu

Qualification-HND Health Information Management and Biostatistics

Position holding at CWF -Health Information Management Officer


Hobbies -Meeting people, Reading and Travelling.

Notable Attributes:-Yet single, she has this awesome dress sense and appears pleasantly cool almost all the time. This quality in addition to her confident disposition in no doubt adds to the good impression and confidence our clients have for us, her position being the first point of call for them. She is innovative and committed to duty. Kind but firm and very good at her job. She is a good data manager.  Has single handedly developed the Health Information and Records units of CWF within a very short time introducing strategies that would ensure us focus on our goal strictly but softly. The use of valid identification cards to verify age to check falsification introduced by her is one example of such strategies.

5. Pascal Lojah Nyam

Qualification—-Medical Laboratory Scientist   

 Position Holding at CWF —Laboratory Manager, Volunteering.

Hobbies- Managing events, playing Chess, loves Soccer

Past Work Experiences; after serving the mandatory Youth Corp program post graduation, he has worked as Laboratory Manager in two standard laboratories InJos Nigeria. Contributing significantly to the development of the laboratories inboth cases. He managed the Molecular laboratory at Faith Alive Foundation, Jos. carrying out advanced laboratory investigations with high quality and reliable results. He is straight and focused and a quality driver. If it has to be done, it must be done at its best! That is Pascal. He oversees the laboratory at CWF, teaching, developing and mentoring our other laboratory personnel.  Our laboratory has undergone a very rapid transformation curtsey of his impact.


6. Lorinda Daniel Dang     

Qualification-Diploma, Medical Laboratory Sciences           

Position holding-Laboratory Assistant.

A beginner at climbing the ladder of her career. Yet single, she is humble and teachable and very dependable, learning to work alone really fast. Loves to look good but hardworking.

Hobbies-Singing, Reading and Baking

7. Linda Naanpoe Nijin                


Position holding-Sanitation Manager/House Keeper

Hobbies —- Hair dressing, Reading, Sewing and Trading

Yet single.  Has a soft and warm disposition, caring and accommodating. Always looking out for everyone and doing her best to ensure we are all comfortable while at work. The serene and pleasant outlook our outfit wears all the time is curtsey of her multiple cleaning efforts in a day. In addition to her routine cleaning schedule, she cleans on demand around the clock.

8. Amina Suleiman

Qualification-Diploma Health Information Management Studies

Position holding at CWF – Field Support Staff/Clinic Support Personnel


HobbiesReading, Listening to music and Relaxing with family

Yet single, Amina is very tender and subordinate. In her job as clinical support staff she puts all her heart in to make patients comfortable while around. Despite going about her job so very subtly, she makes strong impact in them from the remarks they makeabout her. Outside serving at the Point Of Care (POC) station at CWF, you will find her rendering a helping hand to others to enable them finish their own assignment on time. She is likable.

9. Ejembi Faith Okoh

Qualification-B.A French

Position holding at CWF: Admin Assistant/Foundation Secretary

PWE;….. She worked as Health information manager and Documentation Officer. Was also very involved in report writing and report presentation at Faith Alive Foundation, Jos, Nigeria.  

Hobbies-Traveling, reading and teaching.

Notable Attributes – Young married lady, amiable and outgoing with an amazing French speaking skill.  She is a quality driver.  Strict at promoting, upholding and ensuring our organizational policies. Loves details. Ensures that no stone is left unturned in carrying out assignments. She is dogged when it comes to getting the best out of herself and everyone to deliver on set goals. Extremely dependable.

10.  Kehinde Timothy Onikeku.

Qualification…….  Physiotherathepy.

Position holding……. Physiotherapist cum Massage Therapist, volunteering

PWE;….. Intern Physiotherapist at Jos University Teaching Hospital Jos.Nigeria. NYSC. Has provided skilful physiotherapy services at Vom Christian Hospital(VCH) and Open Doors learning Center for Children with SpecialNeeds. All in Jos Plateau State.

Hobbies……. Listening to gospel music, serving others,

Notable Attributes: – Pleasant young man who wears a cheerful look all the time.

 Hard working and resilient. He has never been found complaining despite the high work pressure in his unit. His ability to manage work pressure and burn out is excellent, will beat your imagination. He is a highly principled personality.

  Very good at his job, his mastery of the art of physiotherapy is amazing. clients.

11. Azige Joseph Darius

Qualification ….. B Pharm.

Position Holding…….  Pharmacist.

Past Work Experience; As a Pharmacy intern, NYSC. Part Time Dispensing Assistant at some Community Pharmacies in Jos Nigeria.

Notable Attributes… A likeable gentleman. Yet single. Courteous and patient. Has good problem solving spirit for common good with a caring approach.

12.  John Atangcho

Qualification; Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS)

Position Holding at CWF; Laboratory Scientist;

Past Work Experiences; John had been laboratory Manager at Faith Alive Foundation Jos, St Anthony Hospital Zakibiam and St. Monica’s Hospital Adikpo both in Benue State Nigeria. He was head of Laboratory Services with …….. before the project ended in……..

Notable Attributes; John is a seasoned Laboratory Scientist with vast experience and excellent skills in Laboratory Services and management….. he can be trusted for reliable quality reports of Laboratory investigation. Also good with performing advanced laboratory tests producing highly reliable results. Highly dedicated to duty, available and committed to mentoring young scientists in the career.

He is down to earth but extremely humble. Married with children.